Discount Door Hardware inplace of Schlage

I am taking over a foreclosed home that is missing quite a bit of hardware. A few doors still have knobs on them and I can see that it’s a Schlage product. Since I have to replace an entire house worth of hardware I am looking for an economical way to do this. Can I use the Dexter by Schlage stuff in place of existing Schlage Door hardware? Do you have some kind of entire house discount door hardware package?

If your question is will Dexter hardware fit/function in doors that have been bored and had Schlage hardware installed at 1 time, the answer is yes. Dexter hardware is interchangeable with Schlage hardware in that situation.

However, if you are installing a Dexter handleset on and entry door where a Schlage handleset used to be installed, the bottom hole of the handleset might be off by about 1″ Depending on what Schlage handlset was installed. The Dexter handlesets are just slightly shorter then a Schlage F series. However, if you are going to re-paint your entry door (as any handleset that was installed on that door will leave a mark on the door where the old handlets edges were) it won’t be an issue.

For internal doors/knobs everything should be fine. The Dexter bore and latches are the same size as the Schlage hardware you will be replacing.

here is a link to our house pack configurator. I think you will find these are heavily discounted prices and shipping for your order (assuming it’s over $100) will be free.

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