How secure is a deadbolt lock?

Excellent question.

A deadbolt is a very secure kind of door lock. There are many things that make a deadbolt more secure then a standard keyed-entry or other handleset.

1) A deadbolt has a long bolt that extends far into the door jam. This prevents people from trying to “jimmy” or pry open the lock with a crow bar. A person would have to deflect the door or door jam by > 1″ which is pretty hard (if not impossible to do).

2) A quality deadbolt has a round tapered cover. This makes it very hard again, if not impossible to grab on to the deadbolt and twist it off.

3) High quality materials. Deadbolts are made of high strength material that are very hard to saw.

4) Dexter Deadbolts come with “saw proof” bolts. All Dexter Deadbolts come with a 1″ steel roller in the bolt to prevent cutting. This is how it works, should somebody be able to some how saw through the outer shell of the bolt, their saw will come in contact with a steal roller that is floating in the bolt. When the saw moves back and forth in a cutting motion, the steel roller just spins preventing the saw from being able to bite into the steel.

5) Deadbolt locks are kick-in resistant because of the strike plate. The strike plate is the piece of metal that goes into your door jam with longer screws and provides a re-inforced hole/bore for the deadbolt to go into. The means that if somebody is trying to kick in your door not only do they have to overcome the strength of your door jam, but the metal plate as well.

Infact there is a Mythbusters episode where they tested kicking in a door. Jamie was not able to over come a chain simply because they had used 1″ longer screws then came with the lock.

6) Deadbolts are higher grade locks. The grade of the deadbolt is an indicator as to how secure it is. There are 3 grades given by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). A grade 1 lock is the most secure and considered an Institutional grade lock. They are usually quite expensive. A grade 2 lock is a Commercial grade. All Dexter Deadbolt Locks exceed Grade 3 standards. Grade 3 is the residential grade.

Here is a quick link to all of our Dexter Deadbolt locks for your reference.

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