I have a Dexter lever that I can open from the inside when it’s locked. Are they still made that way?

Yes, the feature you are talking about is called “Emergency Exit”. This is a feature of the J51 series of locks. Currently on this site we only show the J54 series of entry locks to eliminate confusion. The J54 do not have the emergency exit feature and generally are what people want.

If you wish to purshase a Dexter J51 entry lock with emergency exit just put that in your special instructions when viewing your cart contents. That way we know that you know exactly what you are asking for and there is not an un-necessary return.

To do this put your J54 entry locks in your cart as normal. Then when you are viewing your cart put this in the special instructions.

Please ship entry locks in J51

That’s it. There is no price difference between the J51 and J54

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